Breaking Changes With WDK build 14393

A recent OSR blog post highlighted a breaking change in WDK update that leaves development environment unusable. A good detail is available on the original OSR article. I hit the same issue two days back! After trying various options, I decided to uninstalling Visual Studio completely along with all versions of SDK and DDK since the latest […]

Bluetooth LE Integration with Digispark

Earlier, I was able to control RGB LED Strip via an IR remote built with Digispark (ATTiny85). Taking a step further, I integrated Bluetooth with Digispark so I can send control commands from a remote application! I have already decoded RGB LED Strip remote codes and learned to program bluetooth LE, now taking another step […]

Bluetooth: HM-10 vs CC-41A Clone

I bought some Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 HM-10 modules online, turned out to be the cheaper chinese CC-41A clone modules. They are similar to HM-10 and at this point I can only say that CC-41A has limited commands supported, though suffices my requirements. I was able to set it to iBeacon mode too (later on that). […]