Looking Back

Past year or so, I have been experiementing with lot of random things, like helping Start-ups solve problems (technical), experimenting in IoT, Interviews and System software. My Son is growing up fast, he started school in May this year. Comes with me to the Cricket now. Vikas moved to US, he gave me a lot […]

Hackathon 2014

July 2014, Hackathon was organized for first time company wide. We had 3 days of time to hack! Somewhere around the month of May, Abhishek and I been working on some projects and we had recently started exploring IoT. Actually Stanley introduced me to embedded work (Arduino) and the same time Abhishek had some requirement […]

High Performance Computing

This presentation on High Performance Computing is from a Faculty Development Workshop. This field is not much explored in Graduate or Post-Graduate programs. It is still cosidered a field of research for most faculties although there is huge requirement for HPC Programmers. MPI programming is not much different from usual C or .NET programming, however […]

Where To Bet My Career

When I was in college, I remember, I used to be in great dilemma about what should I learn and where to put my time and energy. So many subjects, so many tangents and the great question – What to do to get a Job? The best I could do was not to say NO […]