Rings of Processor Privilege Levels

Modern day computer and CPU architecture provides support to implement security to data from any code access. This is done by segregating trusted and not-trusted code. Trusted code has direct access to IO ports, memory, CPU and special instructions. Non-trusted code cannot directly access system resources. They need to make use of the exposed APIs […]

Using Motorola S9-HD with Windows 7

Technorati Tags: Motorola S9-HD,Windows 7   Motorola S9-HD is a high definition Bluetooth headset that connects to a wide range of devices including mobile handsets and laptop computers. I bought it for my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Edition phone. I decoded to use it with my Lenovo T400 laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate. Initially there were […]

Sticky Notes – Change Text Format – Windows 7

  Windows 7 comes with built in Sticky Notes. Here are some shortcuts to ease the use.     Key Comment Demo Ctrl+B Bold Bold Ctrl+I Italics Italic Ctrl+U Underline  Underline Ctrl+T Strike Through Strikethrough       Ctrl+Shift+L Bullets and Numbering · Once for Bullet · Twice for Numbering · More for other options […]