Breaking Changes With WDK build 14393

A recent OSR blog post highlighted a breaking change in WDK update that leaves development environment unusable. A good detail is available on the original OSR article.

I hit the same issue two days back!

After trying various options, I decided to uninstalling Visual Studio completely along with all versions of SDK and DDK since the latest build had made some modifications to my build script that do not get reverted by uninstalling latest build alone.

I then installed Visual Studio 2015 again with Update 3, this installed the latest WDK. Back to original problem. However, after this I uninstalled WDK and SDK and reinstalled build 10586 and same build for SDK. I picked WDK from MSDN link below and installed SDK from the Visual Studio Setup itself

Modify to Add SDK


Pick SDK version 10586


I believe, if you uninstall all WDK and SDK (and not VS) and then install 10586 build, you should be good. This fixed for me!!!

Some links to help

  1. MCT: MediaCreationTool.exe
  2. ADK: adksetup.exe
  3. SDK: sdksetup.exe
  4. WDK: wdksetup.exe
  5. HLK: hlksetup.exe
  6. Mobile Emulator: EmulatorSetup.exe

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