Controlling RGB with Digispark

In the last experiment, I recorded RGB strip remote commands with LIRC and played them. Taking a step further, I tried to miniaturize my remote controller to ATTiny85 processor. DigisparkĀ is my favorite development board for this. I used Arduino-IRRemote library. It default uses Pin 3 for transmitter. However, pin 3 on Digispark is not a […]

Controlling RGB Strip With Raspberry Pi

I recently built an L-shaped desk for myself. One side for books, the other side for IoT and a 27″ Benq monitorĀ in center. I got this fancy RGB LED strip with remote from some online seller. Cut it down to pieces and soldered wired on corners. Then I fixed the LEDs to the desk and […]

Learning IR Codes with Raspberry

PreReq: Read about InfraRed communication. In brief, we transfer data through IR light. Continuous On-Off generates binary stream. IR Transmitter and IR Receiver are two modules that enable this communication. This is part of something large that I was trying to build and I needed a basic IR transceiver system that, after much experimentation, I […]

Setting Wireless on Raspberry Pi

It is quite straightforward to setup a Raspberry Pi with Noobs. I added a wireless network adapter (USB) to the Raspberry. However, it will not work out of box, so I had to manually set it up. Editing and configuring wpa_supplicant.conf was no help. I remember doing it in past but this time there were […]