I recently bought Digispark** Pro* ATTiny85 development board. Quite interesting since I want to miniaturize a lot of my projects/edge devices in my home automation and this one has all required components for the basic board in a well designed setup with programmable USB interface.

I was actually stuck setting this up with my development environment for a few days since I followed all the steps as mentioned in Digispark Wiki but it would not run my program. Arduino IDE always shows that the application was deployed but it continue to run the bootloader only.

Finally, I got it running on my mac by following the wiki and one extra step:

$ cd ~/Library/Arduino15/packages/digistump/tools/micronucleus/2.0a4/

$ ls

launcher libusb-0.1.4.dylib libusb-1.0.0.dylib libusb-config micronucleus

$ chmod a+wx micronucleus

$ chmod a+wx launcher 

I found these steps on some blog, but unfortunately I closed it before I realized it works! Fortunately, I had the terminal window still open so I can at-least share the steps if not credit to the original source…

Also, I chose “Digispark (Default – 16.5mhz)” instead of Digispark Pro (Default – 16mhz)” and I am quite sure mine is Pro.

WP_20160730_23_29_43_Pro_LI 1

Hope this helps! Happy Hacking!

*I learned that Digispark is ATTiny85 while Digispark Pro is ATTiny167!
**I found that mine is not original but a cheaper chinese replica