Past year or so, I have been experiementing with lot of random things, like helping Start-ups solve problems (technical), experimenting in IoT, Interviews and System software.

My Son is growing up fast, he started school in May this year. Comes with me to the Cricket now.

Vikas moved to US, he gave me a lot of Electronic trash! My wife started calling me a 'Kabadi' 🙂 but that's fine, I made good use. Made a night vision camera out of a USB webcam.

Won Hackathon 2014, made a lot of IoT gadgets. Some demo'ed here and there, including Pune Azure conference and an IoT camp in Bangalore.

At MCU Bhopal, attended a session where we discussed ways to prepare students for industry through industry class projects and reviving Student Development Center that once Ankit and I were part of and Seetha Sir would send us to every single dev opportunity. It was good learning, hope it revives even better and serve the purpose.

Vinod gifted me Lumia 930! I have been crying for that for long and was super happy when I got it. Unfortunately, the screen cracked the very second day. I dropped it 😥

Later, Vinod got it fixed for free 🙂

Nischay and I presented at Open Source India. We talked about reverse engineering. It was good experience and well received.

Delivered one last training to a Client on Windows Internals and Debugging. Good experience, good guys, lots of questions to know more and I liked the energy and interaction.

I was introduced to a start-up and am helping them solve their technical problems. It is a great learning experience as I am getting to understand a lot more than just the technology.

I was also introduced to another problem in Medical and am working on building a solution which can help determine elevated levels of stress. May be, a long term analysis can help point any early symptoms of Cognitive degeneration too. But that is not now.

Interviewed a few placed and finally I moved to IDC in StorSimple – Hybrid Cloud Storage. Although platsform work has moved to US and I was asked to move with it, but US is not part of my plan so I passed it and now I ended up in a very different cloud world, building Services in Azure for StorSimple.

Cricket club is strong again, we have put a good team together. Yet again, people from various backgrounds, together…

In my free time (whatever left), I am working with my friends on yet another project to fill for my appetite for Systems code.

What else?

It is surely too much of randomness now but I believe when you are not sure, you should keep exploring. You never know what might just click 😉