Rings of Processor Privilege Levels

Modern day computer and CPU architecture provides support to implement security to data from any code access. This is done by segregating trusted and not-trusted code. Trusted code has direct access to IO ports, memory, CPU and special instructions. Non-trusted code cannot directly access system resources. They need to make use of the exposed APIs […]

High Performance Computing

This presentation on High Performance Computing is from a Faculty Development Workshop. This field is not much explored in Graduate or Post-Graduate programs. It is still cosidered a field of research for most faculties although there is huge requirement for HPC Programmers. MPI programming is not much different from usual C or .NET programming, however […]

Where To Bet My Career

When I was in college, I remember, I used to be in great dilemma about what should I learn and where to put my time and energy. So many subjects, so many tangents and the great question – What to do to get a Job? The best I could do was not to say NO […]