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Motorola S9-HD Specification ...


Motorola S9-HD is a high definition Bluetooth headset that connects to a wide range of devices including mobile handsets and laptop computers. I bought it for my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Edition phone. I decoded to use it with my Lenovo T400 laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate. Initially there were problems making it work with my laptop and here is a small write-up on how I made it work. Hope it will be helpful to you as well.


  1. Check your Bluetooth stack provider.

      I checked Lenovo site and found “Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate Software II for Windows 7”. It had instructions to verify if you need an update or not. I updated my stack provider.

  2. Set Bluetooth to discover on Windows 7
  3. Switch on your Bluetooth device to be discovered
    • image
  4. You may be asked to update driver, let it if asked for
  5. When you pair your device, you may be asked to type in a pass key, use “0000”
    • image
  6. Right click on Volume icon in the system tray and select Playback devices, you will see a Bluetooth hands-free speaker there. Make it default.
    • image
  7. Your S9-HD is ready to work with Windows 7 now! Enjoy your music and Calls…