Sticky Notes – Change Text Format – Windows 7

  Windows 7 comes with built in Sticky Notes. Here are some shortcuts to ease the use.     Key Comment Demo Ctrl+B Bold Bold Ctrl+I Italics Italic Ctrl+U Underline  Underline Ctrl+T Strike Through Strikethrough       Ctrl+Shift+L Bullets and Numbering · Once for Bullet · Twice for Numbering · More for other options […]

Console applications in C#

  Here is my first console application in C#, an orthodox “Hello World” example to start with.   1: /* 2: * hello.cs 3: * Simple Hello World program in C# 4: * 5: * @author achindra 6: * @version 0.1 7: */ 8: 9: using System; 10: 11: class Hello 12: { 13: static […]

C Programming with Visual Studio

  This post we talk about C Programming in Windows using Visual Studio. Programming in C on Windows or any other operating system are pretty standard procedure. You code, compile, link and execute. Traditionally we have used Turbo C compiler – TC to program on Windows in college. However those were the good old 16bit […]


  Cisco, was one great experience with an amazing interview panel which was very directed. I was being interviewed for a team that works on firewall and what else can one expect to be tested at – string search! TeleCon was pretty normal and not much different than most interviews. Questions were a mix of […]

The Interviews

  I have been part of several interviews in past while I was in the interview panel with my previous employer and while I was looking for a change. Then, I came across some of interviewers who throw really interesting problems to solve. Sharing my solutions and approach and expecting expert comments from people is […]