Accessing Command line from WinDbg

  While debugging a crash dump, sometimes it is required to access windows command shell, start an application or do a command line calculation. Lately I was doing a debug and required to do some scientific calculations. ?? was not much help as the complexity of calculations was high. I kept accessing new applications from […]

Fixing Symbols in WinDbg

  I had instrumented a driver to capture certain file system related data in Windows kernel and it happened that there were some problems using the binary. I rebuilt it without any code changes and deleted the old data. At the problem site, the original binary was used for which I deleted symbols. The problem […]

Windows 7 and Debugging!

  Windows 7 Virtualization support – XP Mode Installing and configuring XP Mode Installing a virtual machine Setting up debug environment   Windows 7 Windows 7 is one of the most amazing product I have ever used. As a debugger and reverse engineer in this new phase of my career, I tried to understand this […]